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Re: Round 1 vs Brisbane roar match thread

on Mon Oct 05, 2009 4:03 pm
footballfan wrote:They all deserve a '0' and should be ashamed of themseleves. They are supposed to be the elite football players of australia. Could see a better game at the women's premier league games in canberra. The supposed 'great' sykes girls were embarrassing. PLEASE get rid of them. Van Egmond didn't show anything great, and Perry also was an embarrassment. Could not run and had no idea what she should be doing. Age does not matter. If they can't play properly should not be on the field.

Junna has a lot to answer for - his choice of players and formation was dreadful. Lets hope he works it out by next week.

I agree with some of that footballfan. I agree on the inexperience thing. That is not an excuse... if you are supposedly good enough inexperience should not count towards anything. Especially considering you are only on 1-year contracts.
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Re: Round 1 vs Brisbane roar match thread

on Mon Oct 05, 2009 4:05 pm
Pretty apalling all round. Did'nt look like they wanted to play. Junna needs to take a good hard look at the team selected and get rid of the dead wood that was on the field on Saturday. Bring on the players who can do the job properly.

Let's hope it improves, or we are going to lose the interest of the supporters.
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