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Best of the West: Depth of Talent Underpins Bid Empty Best of the West: Depth of Talent Underpins Bid

Fri Aug 21, 2009 3:29 pm
Best of the West: Depth of Talent Underpins Bid

August 21, 2009

With a new franchise imminent, Michael Cockerill names his west Sydney A-league team.

By this time next week, Sydney might have another A-League team. Sydney FC might have their reservations but plenty of others don't. Competition, in general terms, is healthy. In Australia's biggest football market, it's a necessity. A classico awaits.

Logical as all this might seem, there are still those peddling one recurring myth: that we don't have enough footballers to sustain any more teams. Rubbish.

What this year's notable improvement in standards has shown is that if the recruiting is done right at both the top and bottom end, there is plenty of talent to go around. At the top end, more of the imports have been a revelation. At the bottom end, the conveyor belt from the second-tier of football continues to produce. Watch out for the likes of Andrija Jukic, Fred Agius, Francesco Monterosso, Scott Neville, Matthew Foschini, Matt Mundy and Andrew Barisic to make an impression this season.

The point being, given the next A-League team will almost certainly come from the nation's biggest nursery - the western suburbs of Sydney - there's no need to fear. The A-League has barely scraped the surface of the talent pool in the NSW Premier League, which this weekend heads into its finals series. Those behind the bids from western Sydney should be out in force over the next two days, notebooks in hand.

Clubs with long histories of player development know what they're doing, even if College Street continues to airbrush their contribution. One day, some of these clubs will be given their own platform with a second division under the A-League. Until then, however, they have to be content with watching on, hopefully with pride, as former players step up to the bigger stage.

With the imminent arrival of Sydney's second A-League team, the conveyor belt should speed up. A team in the west will ultimately live or die by its connections with the grassroots, and the best way to build that bridge is to encourage the talent in its own backyard.

There are plenty of uncut diamonds out there. So who are the top dozen players in the NSWPL? We'll try to give the scouts a head start.

Ali Abbas, 22, Marconi Stallions

Iraqi international who defected to Australia last year; a canny, creative, left-winger who can also play as a No.10. At one stage was watched by Sydney FC but not offered a contract.

Vamara Diarra, 20, Marconi Stallions

Former Ivory Coast youth international; a strong, dynamic, central midfielder cast in the mould of Chelsea's Michael Essien. Would walk into most A-League teams already.

Alex Canak, 24, Marconi Stallions

A late bloomer plucked this year from obscurity at Liverpool Bossy; has the mobility and creativity to play at the sharp end or as a second striker.

Panny Nikas, 21, Sutherland Sharks

An old head on young shoulders, Nikas sees the play early, gets forward into good positions and can finish as well as provide. A classic playmaker in the making.

George Nohra, 27, Bankstown City

All class on the ball, perhaps lacking a yard of pace, but elegant, intuitive and physically strong. Has had interest from the A-League but not the right offer. Now or never if he wants to make his mark on the game.

Sam Munro, 18, Sydney United

Busy and energetic, a link player in the mould of Brisbane Roar's Massimo Murdocca. Small in stature, but big-hearted, will play youth league for Sydney FC this season unless a first-team contract elsewhere comes along.

Mitchell Long, 21, Penrith-Nepean United

Lightning fast, direct and purposeful, he ripped Sydney FC to bits in a pre-season trial last year, but is still waiting for the phone call.

Matthew Mayora, 23, Sydney Olympic

The competition's top scorer is on a short-term deal at Perth Glory, which might finally lead to his opportunity. Stylish and intelligent, he often does his best work coming from wide positions; his only weakness seems to have been his temperament.

Vedran Janjetovic, 22, Sydney United

Standout goalkeeper in the competition, surprisingly knocked back a recent offer from Newcastle Jets to continue training as a back-up with Sydney FC. Time still on his side.

Chris Triantis, 21, Sydney Olympic

Finally getting a chance to shine on a short-term deal with Newcastle Jets, having missed out on contracts with Sydney FC and Wellington Phoenix. Comfortable on the ball, gets into good positions, but needs to improve his finishing.

Emmanuel Zunino, 29, Sydney Olympic

Argentine defender, comfortable in the centre of defence or on the left side either as a wing back or fullback. Mobile, physical and smart.

Nick Stavroulakis, 24, Sutherland Sharks

All-action midfielder with professional experience behind him in Italy and England, has a clever box-to-box game and hungry for an opportunity.
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Best of the West: Depth of Talent Underpins Bid Empty Re: Best of the West: Depth of Talent Underpins Bid

Fri Aug 21, 2009 6:22 pm
i'm sure the ACT premier league has some real gems in it.

but yeah so our only hope now is the 13 team solution, don't really think this will happen though i can see merit to the idea.
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Best of the West: Depth of Talent Underpins Bid Empty Re: Best of the West: Depth of Talent Underpins Bid

Sat Aug 22, 2009 7:39 am
Well at least we got some names we can put forward for the club to have a look at! I like the sound of the Iraqi at the top there... He is also one that has been banned from playing for their national team again if I remember correctly..
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Best of the West: Depth of Talent Underpins Bid Empty Re: Best of the West: Depth of Talent Underpins Bid

Sat Aug 22, 2009 9:47 am
Yeah that iraqi guy featured on "The World Game" recently. He's got some talent.
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Best of the West: Depth of Talent Underpins Bid Empty Re: Best of the West: Depth of Talent Underpins Bid

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