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Fight for 12th Spot Overview Empty Fight for 12th Spot Overview

Fri May 08, 2009 2:10 pm
Well, after about an hour and a half of thinking and typing about the contenders other than us for that 12th spot, it is time to just put it in a whole.

For mine it is a battle between Western Sydney and Canberra. Unfortunately i can see the FFA going for a western Sydney team. I think if we could write two teams off the race it would be South Coast and Tasmania, for the reasons I posted in the two respective threads.

In the end whatever happens Canberra will hopefully have a team sometime in the future.

Also, wouldn't it just be great if wellington would piss off. :lol:

It seems that we nearly have the money and have ticked all the boxes. But I think the FFA's love affair with Sydney will be the final factor for the fight for this spot.


-Great Stadium
-Nearly have the money and am sure they will get it
-Support is immense from the public of Canberra for an A-League team
-The capital of Australia not in the national competition
-Have all the young talent at their disposal by having the AIS right at out door step
-No competition from any other sport.

Western Sydney

-Have a love affair with the FFA
-Suitable stadiums
-Lucas Neill a backer
-Support still to be tested
-Create a fierce derby with Sydney FC

South Coast

-Support doesn't look to shabby.
-No competition from any other sport


-Would be a very rich club if they have that Arab backer
-Only team in a national competition besides Cricket team
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Fight for 12th Spot Overview Empty Re: Fight for 12th Spot Overview

Fri May 08, 2009 4:56 pm
just on the western sydney bid, i think that the lucas neill bid would be the last to get in. if you think about it ivan slavich a high class businessman has been racking funds for 9 months and is just short, do you think that neill is just gonna fork out 6 mil out of his own pocket? their are two other bids and the one led by the penrith napien would be the first to get in.
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Fight for 12th Spot Overview Empty Re: Fight for 12th Spot Overview

Sat May 09, 2009 7:30 am
Those are good 4 threads P2BC, probably the best ones so far on this forum. :cheers:

And agree, with some said in the over overviews that the FFA' "love affair" :lol!: will get them over the line. The FFA will do everything possible to give them a team.

i think we can all but write off the Sout Coast and Tasmania bids.
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Fight for 12th Spot Overview Empty Re: Fight for 12th Spot Overview

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