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Canberra's five points of difference in A-League expansion race Empty Canberra's five points of difference in A-League expansion race

Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:35 am
Canberra A-League bid leader Michael Caggiano has promised to sell out Canberra Stadium in round one of next season.

Caggiano and his team are nervously waiting a decision from the Football Federation Australia board on Wednesday when they're expected to name two teams for expansion.

Canberra are among the favourites of the six remaining bids to be handed an A-League licence following an 18-month campaign, but there are no certainties in football.

Caggiano emphasised there are a multitude of reasons that separate Canberra from their rival bids but agreed these five are the most compelling.

Canberra is the only bid outside Sydney and Melbourne and therefore the only remaining city where there isn't already an A-League team.

It's an open market with no Big Bash cricket or NBL presence and if the FFA are serious about expanding the game then Canberra is a clear choice.

But the governing body are hesitant for a reason after handing smaller Queensland cities the Gold Coast and Townsville licences only to watch them go down in flames.

A-League boss Greg O'Rourke is keen to expand into new territories but is facing resistance from Fox Sports.

The broadcaster wants more Sydney and Melbourne derbies and to cover games cost-efficiently where they already have their resources.

Canberra's population will reach half a million within the decade and boasts the highest player registration per capita in the country.


Canberra is the only bid connected to a W-League side and are working with Capital Football to make Canberra United the first fully professional women's side in Australia.

They've signed memorandum of understandings with Capital Football and Caggiano is meeting with United coach Heather Garriock on Tuesday.

He wants to help the women's team flourish and set up the most professional male and female clubs in the country as a powerhouse duo.

One shot

Canberra was burned in the expansion 10 years ago and it's safe to say if the FFA ignore them again the bid won't be coming back any time soon.

A decade has cooled some of the resentment towards the FFA but what do they say? Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

It's hard to see a Canberra bid rising from the ashes a second time and Big Bash or NBL will likely sweep in and capture the market.

Sports business

The FFA have acknowledged the finances are "critical" to bids but they don't seem too concerned where that money is coming from.

Sydney and Melbourne bids have been backed by property moguls whereas Canberra have a financer who runs international sports organisations at its core business.

Canberra's heavyweight investor already owns teams in top-tier US and European leagues. The bid have links to an English Premier League club and are looking at two-way player transfers.

They're also the only bid with an annual $1.2 million guaranteed from government.


The Canberra team will be fan-owned using a "50 plus one" model that's been successfully implemented in Europe.

They already signed 8000 foundation members who will decide the club colours and the badge, ticketing prices and match-day experience.

AFC Wimbledon - the most successful fan-owned club in the United Kingdom - chief operating officer Joe Palmer has joined Canberra's advisory board.

The Canberra team want to represent a catchment area of 1.26 million people which covers the ACT and a chunk of southern NSW.
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Canberra's five points of difference in A-League expansion race Empty Re: Canberra's five points of difference in A-League expansion race

Wed Dec 26, 2018 4:17 pm
Disappointment is obviously the overriding emotion for me considering all these points were overlooked in favour of a 3rd Melbourne and 3rd Sydney team. However with news that the FFA and Capital Region A-League team are working together for entry in 2020, I have hope not only for us entering in the very near future, but also of this progressive mindset of the FFA.

I also really liked reading about Mike Kelly's involvement at the FFA meeting the other day. And the fact he asked why should we have hope this time considering we previously got shafted in a similar manner. This bid ticks all the boxes. It would be so foolish of the FFA to let it die in preferencing of manufacturing a 2nd licence out of Brisbane.
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