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A-League Presses on towards 14 teams Empty A-League Presses on towards 14 teams

Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:24 am
A-League presses on towards 14 teams

Ray Gatt | June 17, 2009
Article from: The Australian

CHIEF executive Ben Buckley yesterday denied Football Federation Australia is wavering on plans for a 14-team A-League.

Buckley said too much had been read into comments by FFA chairman Frank Lowy during his National Press Club address in Canberra on Monday.

Lowy said FFA did not have a cap on the number of teams in the A-League, which will go to 12 for the 2010-2011 season, but that the head body would look closely at plans for expansion to 14 teams.

"We don't have a cap because that would not be a positive thing," Lowy said. "But we have to see whether we can accommodate more teams financially. I thought initially we could handle 14, but we have to make sure the 12 teams on the field are strong, financially and otherwise."

That comment was seen as a considerable shift in his thinking, but Buckley confirmed that Lowy's stand had not changed.

"His comments have been very solid in this regard," Buckley said. "His aim was always 12 teams and he has contended that FFA would reassess the situation after that in terms of 14 teams.

"Frank believes it is important to ensure that the A-League will be able to sustain 14 clubs."

The A-League will have 10 teams this season following the inclusion of North Queensland Fury and Gold Coast United before adding another two next year. FFA gave the proposed Melbourne Hearts the 11th licence on Friday and is in the process of looking at a 12th.

There are six bids on the FFA table at the moment and Buckley admitted they all "still have a bit of work to do". At the National Press Club on Monday he rated Canberra's proposal as "very impressive". Canberra, western Sydney, South Coast and Tasmania are in the running for the 14th spot.

"We awarded the 11th licence to a second Melbourne team last Friday. They put together a very impressive bid proposal. They will start 2010-2011 season," Buckley said. "We intend awarding a 12th licence and we have a number of genuine bids under consideration.

"One is from Canberra. We met (bid leader) Ivan Slavich recently and they have a very impressive bid and have great government support."

Buckley, who said FFA is hoping to make a decision on the final spot in two months, admitted the head body would not be against running only 11 sides in 2010-2011 if it deemed there was no suitable candidate to fill the last position.

During his Press Club address, Lowy said he was happy with the quality of the league and that he did not think more teams would dilute the standard of the football.,25197,25647088-5003460,00.html
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A-League Presses on towards 14 teams Empty Re: A-League Presses on towards 14 teams

Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:10 am
final decision in two months? that would leave only a year to get ready for the season, Gold coast and NQ had nearly a year and a half.

also no mention of western sydney there, i'd be worried if the article said something abour western sydney either getting their act together or making progress but nothing of that regard there.
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A-League Presses on towards 14 teams Empty Re: A-League Presses on towards 14 teams

Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:51 pm
I feel confident though I must say NQF is looking rather slim on paper... not sure they have done a good enough job on recruiting and I am tipping them to be the wooden spoon next season (or CCM). I am looking forward to seeing the Perth outfit as they seem to have really picked up some quality players whilst GCU and Sydney FC (pre-season results are impressive) are looking real good.
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A-League Presses on towards 14 teams Empty Re: A-League Presses on towards 14 teams

Thu Jun 18, 2009 12:05 pm
NQF just make me sick. I think Ben Buckley was high when he signed them into the league.

They are going to be the dead weight of the A-league for the next decade or two.
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A-League Presses on towards 14 teams Empty Re: A-League Presses on towards 14 teams

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