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Canberra a-league team free entry free match? Empty Canberra a-league team free entry free match?

Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:55 am
with a few of the clubs (GCU, jets, fury) seeing the positive effects of a free entry match, they'd be kicking themselves that they didn't exploit an idea like this earlier on in the piece.

So when Canberra gets a team, should we make the first game free entry, or the second, or the third or later on or not at all?

IMO the second game would be ideal for a few reasons. First of all the first game is going to draw larger number regardless of the price and the club can maximise revenue by charging for this game. With the larger numbers at the first match you can advertise to each and every one of them at the match by announcing that the next home game will have free entry.

Add on to this the people who didn't really know much about the team but saw how much of a success the first game was and will want to come to the next game, you make it free and the effect of this will be a lot larger.

Also think about someone who goes to the first match just out of curiosity, the challenge would be keeping these people on board trying to make them members right? well make the next game free and that will be two home games in a row they've been to. they'll start to get into the habit of coming to matches.

you know it makes sense.
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Canberra a-league team free entry free match? Empty Re: Canberra a-league team free entry free match?

Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:41 pm
I agree,

For the first match, ppl will show up no matter what tickets cost. and keep them coming by offering free entry for the second match.

But tickets need to be cheap no matter what, Borussia Dortmund only charge about 15-20Euros for tickets and look at the crowds they get.

I heard they recently raised the prices and there was a huge public outrage-

Some of the A-League clubs are charging ridiculous prices for tickets and memberships. I think roar games are shocking

Canberra Athletic (gives me goosebumps just saying it) tickets should be about $10 for general admission and all u-15 should get in free, and everyone playing for junior club should get in free.

The good tickets should be about $30-40 max, I dont want to see any $50-60 tickets anywhere, not even for finals

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Canberra a-league team free entry free match? Empty Re: Canberra a-league team free entry free match?

Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:55 pm
its a great idea but the jets and gold coast both have billionaire mining company owners as their owners while the fury is owned by ffa, and when clive palmer first threw the gates open he lost $200,000 in the process, and even if the game is free the stadium is alwys going to be packed. take GCU for example, the first game got 10,000 people (in horrible weather) out of a 27,000 stadium while the second time round got 14,500 (a GCU record crowd) on a great day in which GC beat the jets 5-1.

if we were going to host a free game i wouldnt suggest having it early in our first season, maybe in our second or third season if our crowds are looking as sh*t as gcu's or fury's. but we'd need a pretty loaded owner to pull off a stunt like it.

i agree with you thom_canberra that tickets should be reasonably cheap but i think the tickets will probably be a bit more than what you've suggested. memberships should also be well priced, not dirt cheap but not expensive.

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Canberra a-league team free entry free match? Empty Re: Canberra a-league team free entry free match?

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